Office Supplies Picture Story (Random Post)

Early this morning at work, I received a care package from my great friends and family (literally) from BuyOnlineNow Office Supplies.

Cool, a gift!

Cool, a gift!

In addition to office supplies, they made sure to include cool items that mesh well with each other such as chili beans, hand lotion, and an engraved “Milton – Office Space” red stapler.

Perfect mesh of office supplies and junk I left behind

Perfect mesh of office supplies and junk I left behind

My buddy and co-worker was cool enough to model this CD carrier. Is there a better way to show off your pre-iPod CDs than this convenient, stylish, and locking CD purse thingy?

Impress Your Friends With This

Impress Your Friends With This

Ever at a party when someone (for whatever reason) has a need for a stapler? You can be “that” guy.

Be the Hit of the Party

Be the Hit of the Party

This stapler had a litter.

Litter of Red Staplers

Litter of Red Staplers

Who doesn’t like a Post-It dispenser? Customize it to your needed size. Ok, it’s really not that cool but it is kinda’ funny.

I've Got a Post-It for Ya'

I've Got a Post-It for Ya'

When taking these items out of the box, I almost laughed to tears. Thanks BON! You all are so good at what you do and I’ll always be a big fan!

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7 Responses to Office Supplies Picture Story (Random Post)

  1. Margaret says:

    Hate to sound ignorant, but was it your birthday? How & why did friends & family get together to send you a package of office supplies??

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    No birthday. 🙂 I worked for them much of last year, it’s run by my bro-in-law and sis, and I remain friends with many of them. They’re all filled w/ awesomeness and put all of those things together mostly likely as a fun gag gift.

  3. Heather says:

    I am SOOOO jealous!

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    Fun stuff Heather. A lot of the extras are useful things like all the Balance bars I left in my BON drawer. They’re now at my new job and fill my mid-morning hunger.

  5. Andy O'Connor says:

    I saw your name on a search I’d done and thought that I’d check to see if it was the same Paul Jahn that I knew from years ago in Rochester; lo and behold, I believe that it is! Hope all’s well with you and when I saw the shot of the stapler that had a litter, I knew it had to be your idea, good stuff! Take care.

  6. Paul Jahn says:

    Andy, how goes it? It’s great to hear from you! Man, gotta’ be close to 20 years or so.

    Yeah, I laughed so hard when I got that delivery so out came a random blog post.

    Thanks. Doing well and I hope everything is great on your end!

  7. Andy O'Connor says:

    Definitely been a long time and look at us, contributing members of society, who’d of thunk it!

    Things are going well, kids are healthy and keeping me busy but it’s all good.

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