Google’s Big New Layer of Local Search Results

It’s been shown on David Mihm’s blog, as well as other blogs that Google is now showing a new layer of local search results, all at once. Simply put, it allows you to see many more than the standard “ten” map results when doing a local search query.

A few examples:

A Google Web search of yellow pages recycling center in Minneapolis MN gives you… oh, wait. No map. Big surprise.

In your early twenties and near La Crosse, Wisconsin? You’ve more than likely done a search for bars in La Crosse, WI. Yes, you really have. When you click on the map you see an image similar to the one below. It doesn’t just show the A-J listings, but a layer of smaller dots of bars in the area including many on the infamous 3rd Street.

Bars in La Crosse, WI

Bars in La Crosse, WI

Do search marketing in Minneapolis for an attorney whose goal is to “be #1 in Google for Attorney in Minneapolis, MN“? Well, now they probably can. Ok, </sarcasm> 🙂

Google Map of attorneys in Minneapolis

Google Map of attorneys in Minneapolis

Ok, from a consumer point of few, I can really see all of this being valuable when you’re mapping out local businesses and don’t want to go out of your way. This could be:

  • Picking up Chinese food on your way home from work
  • Traveling to a new city and need a chiropractor close to your hotel (this happens a lot more than I would have thought)
  • Hotel if you’re really looking to pinpoint a specific location while traveling
  • Simple car wash

These are just a few examples. I hope Google keeps this, it’s pretty slick! Any other examples or thoughts?

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