Favorite Posts of the Week – All Local, Pretty Social, and Yellow Pages Print Spam

Time to put out some favorites for the week. All are written from Minneapolis/St. Paul folks with lots of good nuggets of local search, social media, and Yellow Pages print spam info.

First, @AaronWeiche writes about Best Buy meshing online reviews with offline behavior. I’m huge into the search online-buy offline model so it was especially great to read. Best Buy’s doing a great service by making user ratings and reviews more visible.

Next, @MikeRynchek writes about social media taking over Skittles. It’s already a huge buzz in the social media realm. I actually played the devil’s advocate when commenting, but I hope the devil is wrong.

Last but not least, @EdKohler discusses whether print Yellow Pages should be considered spam. Most of the replies consider print phone books as junk mail rather than spam. I do think calling it spam is appropriate though. They’re fine for people who use them and advertise with them, but having an industry tell me over and over how to think and that I need a print book doesn’t cut it (opt-out methods don’t work).

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4 Responses to Favorite Posts of the Week – All Local, Pretty Social, and Yellow Pages Print Spam

  1. Aaron Weiche says:

    Always a privilege to be mentioned by you Paul! I enjoyed Mike’s post on Skittles and commented on that too.

    I’m in complete agreement on YP’s. Spam, junk, whatever you want to call them is true. Stop putting them on my doorstep. If there was a store, giving them away, nobody would walk through the door. Doesn’t that say something?

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    It was a great post, Aaron! I haven’t seen BB’s review function so prominently before. I agree with you too that more local businesses could benefit from this. Big time!

    Just a thought, I’m thinking of doing a print book parody contest at some time. Actually, I’ll send you a quick email to see if you’d be interested in this.

    I think we missed our snowboarding session this year unless you think Powder Ridge will have decent snow coming up. Doh!

  3. Mike Rynchek says:

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the shout out. I have to say the favorite posts of the week is a great idea. I find myself checking back often as a resource to see whats going on in the industry.

    PS – Aaron is doing some pretty cool stuff as well. Highly recommend your users check out their site!

    Thanks again,


  4. Paul Jahn says:

    I enjoy doing the “favorites” posts. They’re never to a schedule or anything and I like to point out good and interesting posts by others.

    Yeah, I enjoy linking out to Aaron as well. Once the new localmn is revamped, you two are at the top of my list for companies to pimp out.

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