Facebook Public Profile and Fun Humbleness

Today, I was hanging with Clint from Think SEM chatting about Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogs. I chuckled when he asked me how the new localmn Facebook Public Profile was doing. Why? It should be fine eventually but I started it up the wrong way!

So, the fun humbleness. I set it up, entered some content, photos and a couple videos including Ed Kohler returning an unrequested Verizon phone book. 19 whopping people became members of the public profile. I then put out a poll for favorite local bars and a giveaway for two Omnitheater tickets at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Guess what? Not one bite. Why?

I didn’t start with an actual plan and committed the social media 101 sin of talking before listening.

I still don’t have a detailed plan actually. There are ideas which includes pimpin’ other local companies out whether they specialize in social media like SpyderTrap or auto repair shops who go out their way to not screw you like Northwestern Tire Co. in Minneapolis. There will soon be a print Yellow Pages contest coming up, but that’s still a tactic and not a strategy. The strategy will hopefully come soon.

Points on this?

  1. Create strategies before tactics
  2. Don’t be afraid to admit to hiccups
  3. Anything you or I write on the Interwebz is open to the public. Embrace it!

More to come…

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