New Yahoo Paid Advertising Features

This is pretty slick and thanks again to Clint Danks from ThinkSEM for bringing this up. Yahoo Search Marketing has some cool, new advertising features for your PPC campaigns. Here you go, fellow PPC geeks.

If you’re a Yahoo advertiser, just sign in.

Click your Campaigns tab (or drill down to Ad Groups).

Campaigns Tab

Campaigns Tab

When clicking on the person icon, you can then raise or lower your bids by percentages to demographics. In this next image, I did leave out the deets, but you can edit your bids based on gender and age groups. This can probably apply to almost any campaign.

Demographic Bidding

Demographic Bidding

When clicking on the Globe icon, you can geo-target your ads by state, city, zip, etc. Again, left out the deets but you get the picture. I remember a couple years ago posting about Minneapolis area ads being shown close to Bemidji and how to add cities to your negative keywords list. Bemidji’s sorta’ a long way from Minneapolis.



To be more geeky, the ability to change the geo-targeting is now at the campaign OR ad group level. You can do this on the  campaign settings dashboard. I’ve done a few MSN paid advertising campaigns, and it’s been a pain to have to go into each ad group when you want to make these changes.

Another neat feature, when you change from campaign targeting to ad group target, YSM gives you the option to grandfather in the original campaign settings or starting from scratch with each ad group.

The third icon is a clock set at 3:00. I heart Day-Parting, Seriously! Google has had this ability to select the hours your ads appear for three years. I thought Yahoo did too, but it’s been awhile since I’ve worked on Yahoo campaigns. This image shows ads that run 24/7, but you can easily edit it.

Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling

Overall, it looks really slick and (IMO) out-trumps a few Google PPC features. It’s safe to say that Yahoo searches are a very distant #2 behind Google, but they still provide a lot of searches.

Related, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land provides some great insight.

Any thoughts from PPC folks out there?

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2 Responses to New Yahoo Paid Advertising Features

  1. Great post! I had not heard about or seen these new features in yahoo.

    I was just in a client meeting where the client mentioned targeting specific demographics. Their sponsored search ads are only shown in Google, which does not allow for demographic targeting.

    I have not been a huge fan of yahoo search marketing, now it might be worth looking at again!

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Thanks Jason! I’m not a huge fan of Yahoo paid advertising either, but it did raise an eyebrow. If you venture into the Y demographic targeting, definitely let me know how it works for you.

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