Favorite Posts of the Week – Kids Don’t Use Twitter, Restaurant Sites Done Right and Black Blondie

The favorites are a bit diverse this time, and that’s okay. They’re still Minnesota (or close to) based.

Scott Hale writes on why kids are not using Twitter.

Scott shows great examples as he sees it from a college student point of view. Most students use Facebook and don’t see a reason to add Twitter to the mix. He has a grasp on why this is and I believe he’ll be graduating soon (random hint to employers). Feel free to follow Scott on Twitter.

Ed Kohler writes on restaurant Web design done right.

I love it. It’s a new restaurant design site called Taste Trend and a good client example of theirs is the Blackwater Coffee and Cafe. There are plenty of things Ed writes about, but there’s one thing I really like; a nice, big telephone number in text on top of the page. If you have an iPhone, that’s a one-step click to call the cafe. Very, very slick.

Finally, Greg Swan from the Perfect Porridge music blog writes about Black Blondie’s new album.

Normally this isn’t my style of music but it’s really catchy, different, they cross genres and they’re from Minneapolis. These are all big pluses.

I’ve been following Greg’s blog more lately as he writes about some really cool bands and groups I have either never or rarely heard of. Plus, he shares my general opinion that Nickelback does not rock and they make their songs with cookie cutters. Yes, actual cookie cutters.

Currently on iTunes: Lay Lady Lay – Ministry

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One Response to Favorite Posts of the Week – Kids Don’t Use Twitter, Restaurant Sites Done Right and Black Blondie

  1. […] LocalMN blog linked to Ed’s post on TasteTrend and also pointed out our iPhone friendly “click to call” feature in a recent post.  LocalMN blogger Paul Jahn is a local search […]

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