Google Local Search Results Without the Actual Local Search

There’s been a lot of Google local search hype in the last 24 hours. In a nutshell, they’re providing local listings based on your local IP address. It may stay, it might go away. Only Google will know.

Example: I’m in Minneapolis and this is a screenshot of what shows up for the term lawyer.

Lawyers in Minneapolis

Lawyers in Minneapolis

This is pretty cool and I hope it stays. You get the local listings in the middle of the highly competitive natural listings.

They also have a cool change location option.

Change Locations

Change Locations

Within the change location tab, you can find businesses in your neighborhood. Here is an example to find pizza in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Prospect Park Neighborhood Pizza

Prospect Park Neighborhood Pizza

And the results? Pretty relevant.

Prospect Park Areas for Pizza

Prospect Park Areas for Pizza

If you’re a local business, please add your business to the Google Local Business Center. It’s easy and free.

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6 Responses to Google Local Search Results Without the Actual Local Search

  1. Paul,

    I just noticed this showing up for a general search with local business listings for my area (Eden Prairie) and went to Google blog search to see if anyone had posted on it yet. Low and behold your post showed up. I should have known that you would have posted on it and came straigt to the source.



  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Hey, how goes it James? Thanks, I hope they continue to do this. It’s really slick.

  3. Mike Rynchek says:

    Great post Paul! Very cool and great insight. I agree. I hope it says around as well.


  4. Paul Jahn says:

    Thanks Mike! You made a great point tonight at Azia. Once you submit to the Google Local Business Center, they auto-call you right away to give you the confirmation code. It’s wonderful.

  5. Does anyone know how to display the results without the local search results provided. As an SEO, it’s hard to track rankings now that it’s different for each city.

  6. […] that none of the top 10 search queries included a regional qualifier? This has to do with Google showing local results without showing the local search. In a business such as piano instruction, it looks like they’re showing very relevant stat […]

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