Bro-Sis Photography Marketing Update – May 9th, Rochester – May 18th, Madison

This is coming up quick! Both Heather and I are spending a lot of hours on the PowerPoint presentation, and thanks to all of you that have been following the Bro-Sis Photography Marketing project. It’s finally on! We’re giving a dry-run presentation Saturday, May 9 at the Rochester, MN Public Library and it’s on for May 18 in Madison.

Overall agenda? We’re presenting and demystifying  (basically taking the BS out of) search marketing and social media to groups of professional photographers. They’re very smart, great at what they do and they deserve to know how to embrace search marketing and social media.

One part I’ll be speaking on is using social media as an average consumer. Here are a few user-review examples that are included in the presentation:

Dennis Koslowski – Minneapolis Chiropractor
Google Maps User Review

Family Life Chiropractic – San Jose, CA
Yahoo Local User Review

Northwestern Tire and Auto Repair – Minneapolis, MN
CitySearch User Review + using Facebook Connect

One of the finishing slides is this:

One Word: Trust

One Word: Trust

I really like this slide. Someone might do a Google search and find you, but does that mean they trust you? Getting to know you from seeing you on Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs and others can definitely build trust before they view your actual website.

Any thoughts or input?

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