Google Maps Listings Now Include a Reporting Dashboard

Well, Google definitely did a cool thing a couple days ago. They now offer a reporting dashboard for your local business listings.

Of course, Google provides an intuitive YouTube video tutorial:

Here is a small sample of two different businesses in two different areas:

Status and Statistics

Status and Statistics

This is slick but it gets better. The lower stats are for a piano instructor in a SE Minnesota city. Google is showing the top impressions.

Top Search Queries

Top Search Queries

Notice that none of the top 10 search queries included a regional qualifier? This has to do with Google showing local results without showing the local search. In a business such as piano instruction, it looks like they’re showing somewhat relevant stat results. This could be different in other industries.

One small glitch. The instructor doesn’t have a website and Google’s showing 6 clicks to it.

No Actual Website

No Actual Website

They also provide where driving directions came from. I could really see this useful for lawyers. Depending on the practice area, if a lawyer from Minneapolis was getting many requests from St. Paul, maybe opening a St. Paul branch would be a good idea.

Keep in mind, this is all totally separate from Google Analytics. The new Google Maps reporting dashboard is for your Google local listing visits.

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2 Responses to Google Maps Listings Now Include a Reporting Dashboard

  1. Cool site, love the info.

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