New Google Website Optimizer Tool and Having Writers Write Your Posts & Ads

In other words, when you’re using Google’s Website Optimizer you can have them automatically turn off stuff that don’t work.

If you’re unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, I recently put up a Search Engine Guide post which includes a quick, cool YouTube tutorial. Feel free to read the whole post. I’m still here.

A few notes about the post. If you read it and notice that the writing style is a bit different or just flat out better, there’s a reason for that. I originally wrote the piece, but then handed it to Barb Prindle of Snap Communications who writes for a living to edit the hell out of it (I should have just asked her to re-write it).

Turns out a professional writer who has been in the industry for 16 years after graduating from Carleton College (private college in Northfield, MN) with a journalism degree is a bit better than some guy (me) who blogs a lot about stuff. I’ve been writing for Search Engine Guide since 2005 and why I haven’t used a professional writer is beyond me.

This should be a post on its own, but using a writer to come up with compelling PPC ad content is fantastic as well. A trained writer can learn the basics of using keywords in the ad copy very easily. Plus, wasn’t it (arguably) Mark Twain who wrote “if I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”? If you have 25 characters for a title and two lines of 35 characters for a description, I’m going to trust a trained writer.

Long story short, I started using Barb on a PPC campaign and it’s going fantastic. I suppose it also helps when the writer also writes the different landing pages.

One more Kudos goes out to Clint Danks of ThinkSEM. Half of the posts I put up on SEG are from his ideas. I’d give him more link love from the SEG posts themselves (they hold some weight!) but I don’t write nearly as much for them as I would like and don’t want to abuse any powers by giving too much link love from authority sites I have the privilege of contributing to.

Oh, if you missed the SEG article at the top, here ’tis.

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5 Responses to New Google Website Optimizer Tool and Having Writers Write Your Posts & Ads

  1. Clint says:


  2. Barb Prindle says:

    On behalf of the writing profession, thanks PJ!

  3. Paul Jahn says:

    Yer welcome Clint! deeeerrrrrp. 🙂

    Barb, thanks to all of you awesome writers out there!

  4. emailorganizer says:

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  5. How To Rewrite An Article says:

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