Print Yellow Pages Advertising and Getting the Best Rate

Last week, I met with a local business who specializes in different home repair projects. When I asked what their main form of advertising was they said it was through the Yellow Pages. Ok, good enough.

In the Minneapolis area, we get three print books a year. One from Dex which is our local distributor by default, one from Verizon and another from Yellowbook. I asked them which particular one they use, they sighed in sadness and said “all of them”. They’re losing money. Ugh!

Let’s take a look at these three distributors.

So, which print book should you choose when you advertise?

If any print book, I would say Dex. They’re the official “local” distributor to Minnesota.

So, how do you negotiate with other Yellow Pages reps who tout highly-inflated circulation stats? Some tips…

  • Negotiate a final price for your ad
  • Conservatively, lets say 20% of these books are thrown at boarded-up houses, closed businesses and to households who simply don’t use them. Negotiate 20% off from there.
  • Considering in Minneapolis we receive three different print books a year, negotiate the deal at a third of the 20% off price.

This seems fair. It’s good for the local business and would hopefully entice the YP Association to implement a true opt-in system. I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone in the YP Association.

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3 Responses to Print Yellow Pages Advertising and Getting the Best Rate

  1. It will take me weeks to go through all these ideas. Thank you for the effort alone.

  2. itreflect says:

    why you do the add on printed yellow page and why you not interested to do the add on online yellow pages directory? online yellow pages is to much popular right now you may see some example over this url :

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