Brettrodome Site Coming Soon

Yep, we’re talking about Brett Favre here. See the back button above? Go ahead and click it. No one would blame you. 😉

Still here? Cool. We’ve all seen the media circus regarding the chosen one now with the Vikings. Rather than joining them, it’s time to have some fun with it. The site/blog will be a parody poking fun around the continuous media circus whether Favre performs or busts.

So far, we do have an initial social media presence. Feel free to check it out. Brettrodome is on:


As I type, we’re “ideating” with a fantastic company in Minneapolis to bring this site to life, and in the right way. I’m very optimistic and hope it works out.

The site will definitely be interactive with the opportunity for you to enter YouTube vids and Flickr photos for contests. This should be really fun! Here’s an old picture of the chosen one at the Austin Spam Museum/Store:

Old pic of Brett Favre at the Austin Spam Museum

Old pic of Brett Favre at the Austin Spam Museum

More to come…

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