Telling Better Stories – or “I Went to a Mall”

It’s been forever since I’ve made a post and I don’t really have much to add now. More will be coming on search, local, and social. I promise.

Yesterday I went to UnSummit 3 which is a fantastic event, geared for full participation on topics from marketing, social media and even music. One particular session was called Telling Better Stories. This was the first time I’ve seen Jake Nyberg from ThreeVolts speak and was beyond impressed. It had to do with attempts to make videos go viral and how it can backfire on you.

Ok, this is only loosely related. I don’t have a video to try to make viral, and not even much of a story. In fact, this is only about my dock connector which didn’t allow me to import UnSummit pictures to iPhoto so I had to replace an accessory.

Dock Connector to USB Cable

Where do you buy one of these? The Apple Store at the MOA. There are some people who know how I feel about malls in general, especially if there’s a traffic jam.

Traffic Jam at the Mall of America

Finally inside and no surprise, the first thing I see is Favre love.

Purple Favre Jersey & Favre Shot Glasses

I did not stop here.

Bloomingdales was Definitely not a stop

Once I got to the Apple Store, the transaction was fast and painless. The clerk even complimented my Deftones T-shirt.

Deftones T Shirt

Apparently, wearing a worn out Deftones T-shirt makes me a perfect candidate to buy very expensive hand cream at a kiosk. I played along.

Hey, check out our awesome hand cream products!

Here, stick your hand inside our magic bowl with crystals.

Big Water Bowl with some Cream Crystal Stuff

Smooth hands, huh? Buy two jars and we’ll give you a “today-only” discount.

Discount offered "only" today. Get your now!

This guy was really persistent. I told him I needed to check with my wife hoping he’d go into the “oh, you let HER make your decisions” pitch but he didn’t. Nope. I didn’t suddenly get married – should probably work on that.

Walking further, the lady at the Hair Extensions kiosk did not stop me to try to sell me extensions. I’m guessing her kiosk sales pitches work better for those who are not follicly challenged.

Hair Extensions Kiosk at the MOA

Oh, big surprise. More Favre love.

More Favre Love

The way home included a stop at Holy Angels HS for a rec-level soccer game. This is Al running with the ball. We lost 3-2, but that’s not bad for a bunch of 40 year olds. Go Weasels FC!


So that’s the story. The new USB cable allowed me to import my UnSummit pictures to iPhoto which are now up at Flickr.

I do plan to get more posts out about search, local and social. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell stories that go along with it.

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