Domino’s Pizza Turnaround and a Social Media Consumer

Remember many months back when two derelicts Domino’s employees from North Carolina got in trouble for violating a pizza and then putting it on YouTube? That’s just gross.

Early this morning I was on Aaron Weiche’s personal blog and noticed a post labeled Dominos is Ringing Your Doorbell With Honesty & Effort. It’s a great effort on their part to bring back a better image.

Check out Domino’s YouTube Channel for their turnaround attempt. You can see they are taking their image seriously and even have an official Domino’s Pizza Turnaround website.

Domino’s has had a YouTube channel for over two years so one could argue that the timing of their usage is coincidental. It would be a good case too if it wasn’t for Domino’s President Patrick Doyle’s apology video right after the snot in pizza incident.

Let’s see what other social media presence they have.

  • They do have a Twitter account named @Dominos and proactively engages in two-way communications with their followers
  • There is a small Flickr Group they have for their employees to show fun things that happen during work. It would be nice to have one for the general public as well
  • I was very surprised to see how much of a Facebook presence they have and how many people are talking about their new pizza. They have five fan pages as well including one for St. Jude Children’s research

The YouTube and Facebook presence alone tells me they’re using social tools in the right way. They’re not just out to be social media gurus/wizards/jedis/rockstars by seeing how many Twitter followers they can get and call it a day.

They’re trying to change their brand’s image.

Since they’re trying to change their image, I decided to be a consumer because of their social media efforts.

On my way home from work, there were a few Domino’s but the one on the UofM campus was the most convenient. It’s next door to Stub & Herb’s and right across the street from the McNamara Alumni Center.

Dominos on Oak Street

Dominos on Oak Street

They have a nice, small area inside to pick up your pizza. A few folks were working, most likely college students and were very pleasant.

My Order

My Order

When I took the pizza home, it did look nicer than the last time I got Domino’s (although it’s been a few years). You could smell the buttery, garlic crust, too.

Full Pizza

Full Pizza

The thickness of the slice was decent. Not a whole lot of toppings, but wasn’t expecting much.

One Slice

One Slice

Was this the best pizza I’ve ever had? Of course not. I imagine it’s impossible for a huge chain to achieve such status. Was this the best Domino’s pizza I’ve ever had? It probably was and I’ll be enjoying leftovers tomorrow.

Nonetheless, thanks to Domino’s by listening to their customers instead of trying to tell them how to think.

BTW, anyone who is really into pizza should check out Aaron Landry’s blog. It not all about pizza, but he really finds some hidden gems.

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4 Responses to Domino’s Pizza Turnaround and a Social Media Consumer

  1. Ed Kohler says:

    When Aaron said it was an improvement or something like that in his tweet, I was impressed. That’s the first time I’ve considered ordering Dominoes since 1992.

  2. Danny says:

    This is a really good start for Dominoes trying to enter the social world and target the search marketing local tactic to their marketing play book.

  3. sarah says:

    i haven’t had domino’s pizza probably since college. i’m disgusted by what i was probably eating then – in a college town served by college students.

    see, the thing that’s scary is that disgusting video is probably NOT the only one out there. maybe on youtube, but it certainly wasn’t the first time idiot restaurant workers compromised their customers’ food.

    oddly enough – you never know WHERE or WHEN this stuff is happening when you eat at a restaurant – be it a pizza chain or a fancy steakhouse. caveat emptor 🙂

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    It’s not bad, Ed. I think only one of their crusts has the new garlic buttery thing going on so if you order w/ them sometime I’d confirm.

    Sarah, but how do you really feel? 🙂 A strange thing is those two were 31 and 32. You’d think they’d know better… daggum.

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