Happy New Years and More Local/Social Travels

First of all, Happy New Years to you all! I hope your holiday season was fun and safe.

It’s known that we see thousands of advertisements everyday. in 2010 we’ll be seeing more of this in local search and social media. We hope to provide positive information from this.

With that said, today my local and social travels included a trip to Reads Landing to visit my sister and her kids at the Jahn Haus (my Dad’s house). It was my last chance before they headed back to Rochester (NY).

It started out the right way by hitting the Woodbury Lifetime Fitness and checking in on Foursquare. Getting back into better shape is just one of my resolutions and my trainer was probably surprised to see me in so early on a morning known for hangovers.

Lifetime Fitness - Woodbury

Lifetime Fitness - Woodbury

I had some time to kill so I drove passed Afton Alps. Their YouTube Channel piques my interest, although I’m not sure what to think about their Twitter and Facebook presence. Sorry for the bad pic. I’m not a photographer.

Afton Alps

Afton Alps

From Afton, I took some side roads and didn’t realize I crossed the St. Croix into Wisconsin. This isn’t the LocalWI blog. I quickly turned around.


My co-worker and Twitter connect Carol (@PGSCarol) gave me a couple gems to hit while I pass through Hastings. She did suggest Emily’s Bakery and Deli but they unfortunately aren’t open New Year’s Day.

Emily's Bakery and Deli

Emily's Bakery and Deli

I’ve been on a local meat store kick lately and have bought at Duffs Meats 2 before. They helped me pick out a good sausage for a meat and cheese tray today. I definitely recommend them.

Duffs Meats 2

Duffs Meats 2

Closer to my Dad’s place, I saw what was once Mt. Frontenac. Still a golf course, no longer a snowboard and shoosher hill. I liked the place and there are still some poachers.

Frontenac Hill - No Trespassing

Frontenac Hill - No Trespassing

Got to Dad’s place. Good times seeing the fam. Remember Racko? Me neither. We played it though.



On the way back to Minneapolis included a return trip through Hastings and Carol had one more recommendation: The Busted Nut Bar and Grill, especially to try their cheese curds. They were… awesome.

The Busted Nut Bar and Grill

The Busted Nut Bar and Grill

They serve actual Ellsworth cheese curds deep fried on location. There’s not much better than Ellsworth curds with a beer in an established, smaller town bar and grill. They weren’t on Foursquare yet either so I added them and checked in.

Turns out they have live music often, too. If I stayed later, there’s a local Hastings band playing called Sons of Sixth who has an EP on their MySpace page. It’s pretty original and would prefer that over  corporate-rock radio stations who play Nickelback.

Their current cover song list is pretty extensive which includes Judith, from A Perfect Circle. If their singer can actually pull out in one breath he did it for you on a secured YouTube video (right after 3m 10s in), he is my hero.

Overall, a great January 1st. Very little football watching and I’m ready for January 2nd.


Claim your local business at Google’s Local Business Center at no cost. This link takes you right to their sign in page. You can sign in, or sign up, all by yourself.

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