B96 Changes Format and People Are Talking (Online)

Update: Blogger error (myself) and B96 has not launched a new station site. TwinCities.com has an article reflecting the change.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, you may already know that the rap/hip hop station B96 switched formats to top-40 and launched WDVD. A lot of people have opinions of this and they’re conversing online.

Someone correct me. It looks like this is a national type station? I really don’t know but it appears to be owned by Citadel Broadcasting and there is another WDVD in Detroit.

Nonetheless, It sounds like B96’s ratings dropped and wants to stay new and fresh by playing music like Nickelback. Yes, this is sarcasm.

Fresh, New Music by  Nickleback

Fresh, New Music by Nickelback?

For those who know me personally, you know I enjoy (what I consider) good, original music. This could be orchestral, top-40, jazz, folk, rap, punk, metal, etc. The music is even better when it’s local.

I admittedly didn’t know much about B96 but am partially aware of Peter Parker and how he plugs local music such as the Minneapolis-based Doomtree label. Here’s a vid of Peter with P.O.S. after his Never Better release.

Here he is letting Doomtree go freestyle.

Now that they switched formats, there are some who aren’t very happy about it. They’re also talking about it online. There’s already a Facebook Page called R.I.P. B96 with (as of this writing) just over 1,000 members and rising quickly. You can do different Twitter searches and here is one for B96 top 40. My favorite Twitter message on this:

B96 = KDWB

New B96 = KDWB

I haven’t seen a social presence yet from WDVD and am sure they’ll have one and a strategy for it at some point. They do have something called TuneGenie and it does look slick.



This isn’t the first time a radio station changed formats in a sudden fashion and it certainly won’t be the last. It is the first one I’ve seen where people are conversing so much online because of it. Sign of the times I suppose.

Were you a B96 listener and if so, will this affect you? Will you listen do a different station or just get your music from a different source?

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6 Responses to B96 Changes Format and People Are Talking (Online)

  1. Julie Kosbab says:

    Yeah, if you look, the station formerly known as B96 locally is KTTB-FM. Their site was http://www.b96online.com. They’re passing that URL through a 302 redirect to http://www.b96online.com/uc/, which is a sad under construction page. The graphic on that page passes through to 963now.com, which 302s to http://963now.com/uc/.

    There’s pretty awesome meta-keywords use, too.

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Good call, Joolie. I have seen the new b96online.com under construction page but admittedly didn’t look into it further. Ditto on the 1999 meta-keywords use. Wow!

    Outside of search marketing, I’m just happy to already have P.O.S in my music files.

  3. Paul, the new call letters are KHTC-FM (like K-hits-twin-cities), not WDVD, as per http://www.twincities.com/ci_14133984

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    Good call, Jason and didn’t realize that until afterward. I was going to take down the post but figure I’m fine with making mistakes.

    I’ll update the post to reflect my error.


    So is there still a morning show with T-Fly and the Gang? I have not heard them on for a while.

  6. Paul Jahn says:

    Good question Jennifer. I’m not sure, looked at their new site now at http://www.b96online.com/home.asp and didn’t see a link for on-air talent.

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