Testing Out the Duracell myGrid

A good few weeks ago I received a package of a new Duracell product called a myGrid. It’s a neat little product which will charge up to four mobile devices at the same time.



I figured it would be easy to find a bunch of people to test it out, although I was incorrect. Duracell did provide a few different sleeves for the phones, but there wasn’t one for an iPhone. For whatever reasons, almost everyone I work next to owns one.

Thanks to Twitter user @arok (Erik) though. He has a older RAZR that his daughter now uses so he brought that into work. Hookup was a breeze and it charged up quickly.

myGrid In Action

myGrid In Action

As you can see, it has plenty of room for the RAZR, plus up to 3 other devices if needed. The red stapler is there mainly as a prop.

This one doesn’t need a sleeve.

No Sleeve Needed

No Sleeve Needed

I then asked Eric his thoughts. He said two words: It works.

OK, I was admittedly hoping for a few more thoughts. Eric and a few others commented it is a definite slick product to have today, although not necessarily in a year when they believe competitors like a Powermat won’t require sleeves. Plus, most office workers who have smart phones just plug them into their laptop’s USB drive.

As far as the product today, I see a some good uses for it. One would be almost any establishment where employees aren’t at a desk all day. They wouldn’t have the option of plugging their smartphone in with a USB. This could be at…

  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Distribution Center
  • Church
  • Fire Station

The list could go on forever.

Another is right at the home. It may be alarming to some but many homes have only one computer. It would make sense to have something like a myGrid for both grown ups and their kids.

You have any thoughts on the myGrid? Let us know! Oh, forgot. Yes FTC, the myGrid was a gift indirectly from Duracell. No, I was not paid money to write stuff about it.

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One Response to Testing Out the Duracell myGrid

  1. Rod Wilson says:

    I have one at the office and one at home.
    This just simplifies life.
    I want to get a digital channel converter that charges on my pad
    check out www. pureenergy.com

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