Favorite Posts of the Week – Spyder Trap on ADA Board, Punch Pizza Helps Mourning Viking Fans & Remarketing on Google AdWords

It’s time for another favorites post. I’m happy so say that these three favorites are from local Minnesotans that I consider friends.

First, congrats to Spyder Trap Online Marketing. Why? Mike Rynchek, President of ST was recently named to the American Diabetes Association’s Community Leadership Board.

This doesn’t come to a big surprise. Their company has worked a lot with both UnitedHealthcare and Children’s of Minnesota. They do well with them and I believe they’re very well-known now in the local healthcare industry.


Next, still mourning from the Vikings loss? Me too. Aaron Weiche, VP of Five Technology writes on his personal blog on how Punch Pizza produced up to 10,000 pizzas to passionate Vikings fans.

I’m a spice wuss, but absolutely love Punch Pizza. Kudos to them for their clever campaign.


Last but not least, if you’re familiar with PPC and haven’t heard of Clint Danks, you soon will. A recent post of Remarketing on the Google Content Network explains Google’s new beta product.

Admittedly, I’m a numbers guy and haven’t been a fan of Google’s content network ads. Google has definitely made improvements. In this new beta case, I’ll quote Clint on Remarketing:

Just because they didn’t take ‘action’ the first time doesn’t mean they won’t if given the opportunity again. It’s much easier to ‘close’ an interested party than a new visitor.

I believe this is measurable but will ask Clint for his input.

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