Being a Social Media User? Sounds Like Fun

It’s no surprise that there is a lot of self promotion when it comes to both search marketing and social media. Go to your favorite press release website and do a search for SEO or social media and you’ll see plenty of examples. With that said, I like to see local businesses achieve success in these channels without any knowledge of self-promotion.

So, next weekend I plan to be a complete local search engine and social media user. Long story short, I need to get in better shape and decided to take my inline skates to Tampa for the upcoming Squiggy Classic Inline event. During my visit, I plan to take notice of cool things local businesses do.

I hope to give honest online input from different places. It could be from the event itself, rental car, cab, restaurant, bar, convenience store or almost any business I visit. Online input could be on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blog, online user reviews, etc. Aside from the skate, I’ve already received suggestions including a night at Ybor City and a stop at Bahama Breeze. If you’ve been to Tampa and have a suggestion, just let me know.

With the exception of the print YP book and hockey dives, I tend to write positive things online. I’d have to have a pretty bad experience to write something negative. Those things stay on the Interwebz and don’t come down.

I do hope to find a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey tweetup. They host the Penguins about five hours after my last skate and it would be fun to see Crosby do what he does best (see paragraph above).

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