Being a Social Media User – Part Deux

Last weekend I mentioned that I wanted to be a local search and social media user in Tampa rather than an expert or guru. So far, I have very nice things to say. Tampa rocks.

Flights were delayed, car rental line was long and I got to my hotel hungry and thirsty. Sent a Twitter message:

After the amusing wait at the car rental, the seared Mahi Mahi at Crabby’s was indeed excellent. And, the cheap Hyundai rental turned into a nice Ford Escape. Still 17 bucks a day. Win! A couple Google Maps reviews:

Google Maps Reviews

Google Maps Reviews

Got up early the next day to go to Clearwater. Tried my very best to skimboard, but failed. Nonetheless, kudos to the Nekton staff and resident pooch MJ for giving me guidance. I gave them an honest 5-star Citysearch review which will most likely show up on Google Maps soon.

From there, a local recommended I check out Bahama Breeze at Rocky Point and had the tastiest crab claws ever. Yelp still seems more popular on the west coast but decided to give my first ever Yelp review.

This gave me the option to share the review with Facebook friends. Citysearch does the same thing.

Connect with Facebook

Connect with Facebook

All of this allows people to feel like they know these businesses just a little bit better. Maybe the businesses reviewed will see this and see what a nice job they’re doing and/or give them an opportunity for them to proactively improve how they communicate with people online and achieve prestigious social media guru status. (Yeah, that’s a fun jab)

I may have more opportunities to review places. The reason I came to Tampa was for the Squiggy Inline Classic race. Here is an actual picture of the course. I don’t think skates can go through that. The race is postponed.

Flooded Flatwoods Trail

Flooded Flatwoods Trail

Hopefully more to come.

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