Think Local, Buy Local, Enjoy Frozen Fruchi

A few weeks ago, a local PR firm asked if I would try a product. In return, I mentioned I would talk about it online in some form.

Well, the product is called Fruchi. Basically, it’s a natural frozen smoothie… and is admittedly awesome, and local.

The Fruchis arrived and the security folks at the River Towers were kind enough to keep it in a freezer for me until I came home.

Frozen Fruchis

Frozen Fruchis

Turns out they gave me two boxes, not just one. Win!

Two Boxes

Two Boxes

Sure looks good, and it is! This one is Strawberry Escape.

Strawberry Escape

Strawberry Escape

All you do is take one out of the freezer and in 10-15 minutes it starts to turn slushy. Rip the top off and enjoy!

When talking with a contact, he joked that it works well with alcohol. I wasn’t sure if he meant side by side or if it helps the morning after. Nonetheless, here they are together 🙂

Not Fruit, Then Fruit

Combo not Recommended in Tandem

All of this said, I really, really like this stuff. Brought it into office, tried my first one, sent this tweet:

Twitter Message

Twitter Message

@arok puts in his two cents. Apparently it looked like I was eating out of an astronaut pack. He couldn’t stop laughing. Admittedly it WAS funny!

Ol' Timey Astronaut

Ol' Timey Astronaut

Fruchi is now on Twitter as well. Feel free to follow them at @FruchiFruitSmoothies.

Seriously, they are very tasty, natural, and healthy, too. Think of it as a locally-owned frozen smoothie not unlike what you get at Jamba Juice.

Part of me wants to get into the shape I was 10 years ago. If so, obviously increasing exercise would help. Another could be drinking/eating these for breakfast or early snack. Why? Each pouch has 30 carbs or so. Eating these early should boost energy when you naturally burn more calories. Then go for protein later in the day.

But, what I say and do are usually different so for now I’m just going to enjoy them. They truly are tasty, healthier and more natural than other snacks. Oh, to the FTC – no one is paying me to say this.

They are available at Kowalski’s and Cub Foods, although when I went to the St. Anthony Cub they weren’t to be found. I’m sure they will be more populated soon. To add, I just noticed they’re also in all 21 area Lunds & Byerly’s stores. Win!

Lunds & Byerly's

Lunds & Byerly's

One very cool thing is they are one of many local vendors at the new Target Field! Apparently they have two concession stands and gate vendors. If you see them, try it out!

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