David Mihm’s New Local Search Ranking Factors are Out

A couple months ago the fine folks at LocalU came to the Twin Cities for a no-gimmick clinic on how to use the Internet to leverage your physical, local business location(s). Great knowledge was given and I got to meet a few people I haven’t before including Ed Reese, Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm.

David was gracious enough to ask if I’d be willing to participate in the 2010 Local Search Ranking Factors. It’s definitely a task but one well worth it. It’s very appreciated.

A few items I noted:

People are pretty much in agreement that stuffing keywords in your business title is not a long-term solution… and pretty ugly.

My favorite quote comes from Aaron Weiche at Five Technology when asked about using an 800 number:

Nothing says “not local” like an 800 number. There is no location tie to an 800 number, use your local number.

Couldn’t have said it better… and well, I didn’t either. 🙂

KML location-based site maps were talked about quite nicely. This is one thing I’ve only toyed with. I do run into duplicate and incorrect location data often and really hope this is something that will help. I recently started trying Geo Sitemap Generator and it uploads location files really slick. I’m hoping to see results soon.

These are only a few examples. I really recommend viewing the whole 2010 LSRF report and seeing what may work well for you.

Like years before, David provides this cool badge for contributors.

LSRF Badge

LSRF Badge

The current Localmn.com site is a 2005 version with a new design and overall structure hopefully later this year. I like the badge and it will add a nice touch to the new site.

I don’t think many northeast Ohio people read this blog, but if you’re one of them check out the next LocalU they’re bringing to suburban Cleveland on June 30th!

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5 Responses to David Mihm’s New Local Search Ranking Factors are Out

  1. Aaron says:

    Paul- Awesome and much deserved that you contributed. David’s LSRF post is an amazing article of research, insight and more on local search. Glad you liked a few of my comments, you know I look at things differently. 🙂

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Definitely a resource I look to every year. Thanks, and your comments are great and I really appreciate your point of view! More than just about rankings. 🙂

  3. Perry Stevens says:

    If you are not on the first page of SERP’s, the truth is you’re never going to get any business from Google. You can pay for expensive Adwords campaigns or build your own online real estate that ranks high in organic searches for years to come. I know where I’d put my money…
    Always happy to share local search tactics ; )

  4. colin says:

    Thanks for posting!I agree with you

  5. Hi there, thanks for mentioning my site! Hope you like it and it works out a bit!


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