Round Two-of-Three for Yellow Pages Companies Making Minneapolis Less Pretty

Just a couple months ago, Dex started the first round of making Minneapolis less pretty by dropping their print yellow pages on unwanted doorsteps.

Rumor had it Yellowbook did the same thing last week while I was out of town. The condo I live at only allows one yellow pages company to dump their pile. So, I decided to send a quick Twitter message:

I did get a confirmation first by Cory Taj Bolton and then a fun, snarky response from my friend, Glenn.

So, I took my camera to the same south Minneapolis area visited two, short months ago. It was a copy of what it looked like in May. Yellowbook phone books were sitting on people’s lawns, porches and steps. Here’s a book placed at a condemned home.

This one just looks lonely.

These are just two examples and feel free to view the entire Flickr set of 54 pictures.

Print book advocates would argue their value by touting stats like “X percent of users view the yellow pages 1.4 times a day” or something, but pictures don’t lie.

What print book advocates also say is to simply recycle your old yellow pages when your new book arrives. OK, this does make sense. So, you should accept the Dex book that comes in May and then put it in the recycle bin in July when your new Yellowbook shows? In September, you can then recycle your Yellowbook when Verizon Supermedia drops off your new book.

I doubt advertisers would want their print ad viewed for only two months out of the year. According to the timing of distribution, Supermedia would at least be the newest book for eight months of the year.

I’ll give Yellowbook credit. Most of the books do land closer to a door. Dex didn’t appear to have very good aim.

Nonetheless, this is just my lil’ part to try to make yellow pages opt-in.
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