Google Tags, Hair Salons, Clever Uses of Google Coupons

Recently, I was chatting with Clint from ThinkSEM with a laptop in front of us looking for hair salons. Nope, not for me but for one of Clint’s clients.

The reason was to check local Google listings and see if any salons were using Google’s new Tags for coupons. If you haven’t seen these yet, this Google LatLong post sums it up quite well.

With Google Tags, you control its destination, most likely a section of your Google Places Page you want emphasized. This can be photos, video, custom message or in our search, a coupon. Success from a simple coupon can be easily measurable. If only 25 people a month show their coupon (printed or mobile device) to an advertiser’s salon(s), the $25 flat monthly fee is worth it many times over.

Here’s a nice use of a coupon. A salon in Jacksonville uses it as a gift card to attract new clients.

The coupon?

Here’s a scrunched up screenshot of the Google 7 Pack in Houston. Two salons use their $25 monthly tag to link directly to their website… right underneath the free link directly to their website. Not the best use?

Another scrunched screenshot, here’s a very clever use of a Tampa salon using their Best of Citysearch award and turning it into a coupon.

One of their coupons?

It’s not just coupons. Here’s a great use of a salon in San Jose providing driving directions.

We thought of other industries who would use Google Tags and SEO did come up right away. Another scrunched screenshot shows a free website evaluation at the top of Chicago results.

The evaluation.

Disclaimer – I don’t know of this company and have no opinion of them yay or nay. They’re more than welcome to chime in. $500 in value seems quite a bit to offer for free. A search marketing agency who charges $125/hr would spend four hours on one evaluation. Even a lawyer won’t spend more than 15 or 30 minutes on a free consultation.

What do you know? A segue.

From a previous position in Eagan, MN, I learned that many lawyers like to play on Google. This isn’t a good or bad thing. It’s what it is.

Here’s another scrunched up Google 7 Pack – this time for a personal injury lawyer in San Jose.

Notice there’s one with a free consultation? I’ve been to San Jose twice, didn’t injure myself either time, but if I did and saw this I may have taken them up on that offer. It’s a much nicer touch than a $25/month link to visit their website directly under a free link to visit their website directly.

Somewhat related, someone out there thinks that keyword stuffing a Google coupon gives them magic Google love.

Accident Lawyer

Accident Lawyer! Accident Lawyer! Accident Lawyer!

I wonder if that will make this post on Google’s first page for accident lawyer? No? OK. Moving on.

I wasn’t surprised then to see the same firm with tons of reviews loaded with keywords. Maybe Lycos or something still puts weight on bold words in their search ranking algorithm.

Disclaimer – Most attorneys I know are fantastic.

This is getting a little off topic. Hair salon owners, get listed for free on Google Places and consider a $25/month creative use for Google Tags.

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6 Responses to Google Tags, Hair Salons, Clever Uses of Google Coupons

  1. After reading Mike Blumenthal’s review and analysis of a Google Tag yesterday I did a little research yesterday myself. Not hair salons, but I did do that exact “SEO in Chicago” search and noticed those 2 sites using the tags. The one with the Free Website Evaluation did stand out to me enough to review their coupon as well.

    I wonder how many clicks they received from us just doing research? They are probably going to think their Tag is working great at this point!

    Anyway, the original direction I was going with this is that if most of the Tags are either “visit this website” or “View more photos of this business”, and as more Place listings start adopting Tags, there is going to be a big opportunity when using Google Tags in combination with Places Coupons because you can “Optimize” the tag text to make it stand out from the crowd. IMO.

    You might have caught Mike’s review:

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Yeah, I have read Mike’s review and his blog is a regular read for me. Good stuff! I’m with you on the tag text, too. Say something compelling and there’s a good chance I’ll look further into the business.

  3. Aaron says:

    Great post and varying examples Paul. Tags have a lot of options and possibilities to be explored and evaluated. How about restaurant/bars using them for a free drink coupon?

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    Thanks for reading and your input, Aaron. Restaurant/bars are fantastic options. As a consumer, how cool would it be to go somewhere and show a free eat/drink coupon on an iThing?

  5. […] Tags for Bulk Listing Uploads… or Not? A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how different hair salons were using Google Tags. This time, it’s the same subject with a different […]

  6. This Jacksonville Beach Hair Salon Cortello Salon has been using coupons for a while.If you are on google earth and you click on the tag, it is not immediately obvious that there are discount coupons available. I checked the sutra salon tag that you write about and found the same thing, no mention of a coupon on the first click. I think they would be more valuable if they showed up on the first click.

    Am I missing something here?

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