Yellow Pages, Let’s Make Seattle More Pretty

Yep, another post about the yellow pages, but I have a genuine offer for a couple  print yellow pages advocates. More on this below.

Apparently, Seattle has a yellow pages opt-out program in legislation which would penalize those who deliver these books to homes and businesses who have requested to not receive them. A guy named Ken has something to say against it. He thinks delivering multiple yellow pages to doorsteps each year is a good thing.

I did leave this comment last week, although he didn’t accept it.

An acquaintance of mine named Eric had something to say which was accepted, then had another thing to say which was not accepted.

Apparently, those of us who do not find print yellow pages valuable have awakened a sleeping giant named Wayne Mulling who had something to say. Nope. I haven’t heard of him either.

“I will guarantee you that the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) that is sponsoring this bill, has probably never run a business before going into politics, has never had to go to sleep at night worrying about how to keep his business viable, how he’s going keep the people he has employed (whose families look to that job for a living), or any of the other 1000 concerns small business owners have – which includes how do I best promote my business.”

The gentleman Wayne is talking about is Seattle Councilman Mike O’Brien. After about a 30 second search on him, it turns out he doesn’t just hold a MBA, but has been the chief financial officer for a $10 million law firm for ten years.

I’m guessing Mike is very knowledgeable about running a business. As a CFO of a good size law firm for over ten years, he has probably been in charge of a ton of advertising dollars spent with the print yellow pages. It turns out that attorneys like to advertise.

Wayne Mulling, you shouldn’t be slamming Mike. You should be thanking him for every dime he spent in your industry.

Here’s where the offer comes in. Thanks to a wonderful Sun Country Airlines promotion, I’m able to travel at-will on weekends for over a month. Ken and Wayne, I hereby invite you to join me in Seattle to recycle unwanted phone books. Sometime in September, SuperMedia should be dropping off these books.

A week after these books are delivered, it’s safe to assume that books left on lawns and abandoned homes are unwanted. Seattle happens to be an available city for the Sun Country promotion. Would you like to meet me there on a late September or early October weekend? Together, we can help make Seattle more pretty.

Thank you for your consideration. This is a sincere offer.

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4 Responses to Yellow Pages, Let’s Make Seattle More Pretty

  1. Ed Kohler says:

    It’s amazing how offended yellow pages people get at perfectly reasonable requests. I haven’t seen an explanation of how residents, or their customers, are hurt by NOT delivering books to people who no longer want them.

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Amazing indeed!

    There has to be someone in corporate marketing that wanted to say “Hey, you know that Ed guy in Minneapolis? Let’s make sure to NOT deliver to his house”.

    It’s confirmed. I will be in the Seattle area from Oct 8th – 10th. I’m not sure when SuperMedia will be doing their round of deliveries.

  3. Ed Kohler says:

    Hey, I may be able to swing out too.

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    How cool would that be? I love that area and consider it my 2nd home.

    No word on some guys named Ken and Wayne if they want to join us yet.

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