Weekend 4 of 5 For Sun Country Promo – Cape Cod

Another weekend of the Sun Country Free Fare for All program is in the books. This time was a short visit to Cape Cod. As fun as this project has been, I’m pretty wiped and am glad there’s only one more weekend left.

What a cool place, and again here is a Flickr photo set to go along with it.

Many businesses were visited as well and unfortunately wrote my first 1-of-5 star review of this rental car Google Place Page. There was a chance for another one as my hotel was closed for the night but found the Heritage Hotel soon after and gave a very nice review.

To turn a negative car rental into a positive, while finding out the terminal was closed a police officer was doing her rounds. She stopped to help locate the mysterious key drop they have somewhere that is not visible. She was frustrated as well and was kind enough to hang around to find a cab number. So, thank you Barnstable Police Department!

Went to recommended Spanky’s Clam Shack and noticed the Gophers were on TV (they lost). But, I chatted with a few locals, have some great local seafood and left a nice review.

Here’s the cool bike rental shop I used while having to return a car rental key that Budget refused to pick up.

Sunday was a full day of travel. In addition to the Flickr set, I’ll just say the Bay State Cruise Company is fantastic and can get you to and from Boston to Provincetown. Note, you’re going 30+ miles on the open sea. Bring your Dramamine if the waters are inclement.

Notice most of the links above are to Google Place Pages rather than their own website. Sometimes there’s just more interactive information on Place Pages.

Next weekend is 5 of 5 and will be around Tacoma. I look forward to seeing old friends. Plus, I’ll get a tour of Ted Brown Music. Awesome company who I was lucky enough to be a part of from 1995-1999 (Go, Road Reps!). They’re a perfect example of a family run business gone good, generation after generation.

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