Keyboard Freezing on Your Mac?

January 30, 2008

Warning – Geeky subject:

There have been a lot of reports of keyboard freezing with Mac’s new Leopard OS. I had something similar, but it wasn’t due to Leopard since I haven’t installed it yet.

Sometime yesterday, the finger scrolling and keyboard decided not to work, but the mouse did. I called Apple support tonight and collectively figured out the solution.

I don’t know how and why this worked, but the friendly Apple tech rep named Gregory figured it out, so here goes:

1) Turn off and unplug the Mac , turn it over, and take out the battery (on the bottom of your Mac), turn it upright and press the “Power” button for ten seconds.

2) Turn it over again and put the battery back in, then turn it to its upright position.

3) On the left hand, press Option/Apple icon/and the letter “R”. While keeping those pushed, hit the “P” button with your right hand and then press  the “Power” button (kinda’ like Twister).

4) Wait until you hear the Mac kick in.

Hopefully, everything works and your back on the train.

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