Favorite Posts/Articles of the Week – All Local, All Twitter

July 13, 2008

A couple of these are actually a few weeks old, but here goes.

Thanks to fellow twitterer @swirlspice, I was reminded of a Star Tribune article on Twitter. It’s a decent read that includes quotes and insights from some well-known Twin Cities bloggers and Twitterers. You better read it quickly though as the Strib takes down Web articles after they’ve been run for a short amount of time.


Zappos is really innovative (great read and definitely check out the embedded video) when it comes to their business model and how they treat their employees. Minneapolis-based Mike Ryncheck from Spyder Trap Online Marketing provides a great interview regarding Twitter with none other than Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. It provides some really good insight on how Tony started using Twitter just with some friends a long time ago, then realized how well of a marketing tool it can be for Zappos.

Want to know more about Tony and Zappos? Follow him on Twitter – @Zappos. Chances are he will follow you back. Want to know more about Mike? Follow him on Twitter – @mikeryncheck.


Minneapolis/Buffalo/Delano-based Aaron Weiche posts on whether we should include Twitter on our business cards. I really like that idea. At a conference last month I received a couple business cards with their @Twitter addresses on them and was compelled, and I now follow them.

If you include your Twitter info on your business cards, a lot of people won’t understand what it is, which is fine. If you’re an online marketer, this can possibly pique your clients’ interests enough to not just embrace Twitter, but hopefully other social media opportunities as well.

Want to know more about Aaron? Follow him on Twitter – @AaronWeiche.

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YellowPages.com Local Applications for the iThing

October 31, 2007


I just read an interesting article from Marketing Pilgrim labeled Local Mobile Apps from YellowPages.com.

It’s a good article, short, and to the point regarding YellowPages.com apps for the iPhone plus a bunch of AT&T devices.

I’ll be out of state for five days starting Friday and am at least going to check it out. I normally use the Google Maps function on the iThing while traveling to check out different restaruants, bars, or shops. It’s almost too useful, although the one thing that Google Maps does not include (on the iThing anyway) are ratings and user-reviews. This feature is included in the YellowPages.com app.

When going to YellowPages.com on the iThing, the local app automatically appears with the option of going to the main Web site. At the least, they certainly make it very easy for users.

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So, You Buying an iPhone?

June 29, 2007

A little over a week ago, I went on a skate with Ed Kohler (who is gonna’ rock SPIM). During the skate, he asked me if I was going to buy the new iPhone. I wasn’t sure at the time. I have an outdated cell with a T-Mobile service that works fantastic.

My current cell does need to go, and Aaron Weiche is hinting that I’m leaning toward an iPhone. Aaron, I think you’re right!

Apple has me.

Apple, I’m looking forward to synching your iPhone features with my Macbook Pro.

I’m looking forward to taking 2.0 megapixel pictures from the phone and have them be of decent enough quality to upload to my Flickr account on the fly, wherever I am.

I’m looking forward to use Google Maps to fingerscroll a seafood restaurant next time I’m in a new city.

I’m looking forward to use Google Maps “traffic” feature to decide my route home during my next Aware Web client visit during rush hour.

Technology Evangelist covered the crowd at the iMall of America today, along with a Pittsburgh visit from iJustine from the Tasty Blog Snack.

So, you leaning for or against the iPhone? Why or why not?

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Superbowl Commercials, Garmin, GPS, Fallon, and Mobile Search

January 20, 2007

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Twin Cities-based Fallon Agency is going to the Superbowl with Garmin to create an ad spot. Spendy? Sure, but maybe it will work just fine.

Fallon states that the challenge for Garmin is to be recognized as the (personal navigation and mobile GPS) indsutry leaders over their competitors, such as TomTom. I just might be part of their target market. I’ve heard of Garmin before and generally understand what they provide, but will remember TomTom first because their ads are always on TV.

Looking further, you can buy Garmin software for Blackberries and compatible cell phones, combining GPS with mobile search features. Now I want one! I’m a guy and (by default) like playing with maps and gadgets, even when I refuse to admit that I’m lost. 😉

I did find the Garmin blog while reading Jeremy Zawodny’s take and appreciation of it, and am crossing my fingers to win a cool freebee from the Superbowl (I’m assuming) TV shoot because of it.

Yao Ming?

Either they gave it away by forgetting to take out the alt text, or they’re really sneaky.  🙂

Update: A few people beat me to it. No ba-na-na.

Jan. 24 2007 Update: Article regarding Garmin’s Superbowl ad in the Kansas City Star.

Speaking of Superbowl commercials, which one of these five user-generated spots will make the cut?

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Finally, a Reason to Use “Click to Call”

December 1, 2006

This has bugged me for awhile, and maybe I’m not up-to-speed as I’d like to be in mobile search marketing. 😉

I haven’t paid much attention to “click to call” technology until Google started using it in their map results.


If you find this listing, you see a phone number (intentionally blurred out) along with a “call” link. If you “click to call”, you enter your phone digits on your keyboard, hit enter, your phone rings, you answer, a voice says “connecting” and you hear the phone ring on the other end.

I haven’t figured out how this is easier than just pushing 10 digits.

A Mobility Today article surfaced with a YouTube video showing how Windows Live Local is now integrating with mobile (beta). A few minutes into the video,  they showed how you could find something and click to call from your cell phone. That makes sense. It’s easier than remembering 10 digits.

A silicon.com article gave a good mention of this over a month ago, and the SEW Blog writes about Microsoft’s deal with Sprint, both articles showing how it’s monetized.

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Citysearch and Mobile Search

October 18, 2006


This didn’t take long, although they were already putting the finishing touches on it. Since a recent Citysearch post about an upcoming re-branding effort, they have now launched a new SMS-based mobile search feature. Just text a search term.zipcode (pizza.55401), and send it to CS411 (27411). I just figured they always had something like this.

I did try the standard “pizza” search and found some pretty relevant results along with their “best of” 10-point rating system.

Many visitors might search for a health club when in town, so I did a text for gym.55401 and sent it off. The first mobile result that came back was a 9.9 rated personal training studio that happens to have over 20 raving reviews on the Citysearch site.

That might not be the most relevant result for a visitor searching for a gym, but it kinda’ makes me want to join. It’s only 6 blocks from here… and I sit at a computer for much of the day. 😉 The 2nd and 3rd (of 4) results were for standard health clubs in downtown Minneapolis. The 4th was for a yoga studio just outside of downtown.

Hat tip to the SEW Blog.