Using Online Reviews to Help Local Radio Ads

October 9, 2006

A recent business article writes on how a new Famous Dave’s franchise owner is using the Web to make his local radio ads more effective. He uses Spot Q, a service provided by Philadelphia radio station B101 that entices the station’s allegiant faithful to listen to ads online and rate them.

He was supplied 6 canned ads by the Minneapolis-based restaurant chain and told to pick one. None of them really stood out or tested all that well, so the station then offered to produce a commercial for him that was more local. It tested better and he gets a better advertising return. The radio station understands this helps their listener retention, too, as they state “bad ads make people go away, just as a bad song” does.

Incorporating this concept helps measure “push” marketing campaigns such as radio ads with “pull” marketing, such as search marketing and using online ratings and reviews. It makes sense. Why not have your actual target audience tell you what they think before they hear it on the radio?

Not to be outdone by greedy independent radio stations, corporate rock giant Clear Channel (by the way, At The Drive-In and Ministry rock. Nickelback does not.)  is said to have a “less-is-more” campaign by serving up shorter, more effective ads. This helps the radio advertiser by cutting a 60 second ad in half, and then being charged more than half for it.