WebAwards Winners: Risdall and GetLegal.com

September 16, 2008

Founded in 1997, WebAward.org has recognized the best Web sites, now in 96 industries. There are a couple cool companies recognized in their latest Web awards.

First, Twin-Cities based Risdall Advertising Agency wins the award for most outstanding achievement in Web site development. I don’t know them other then linking to them on my blogroll, and a couple of them commenting on localmn blog posts. Big congrats to Risdall!

Next, huge congrats to GetLegal.com, also a Web site development award winner. I’m biased on this since I know them. If I didn’t love Minnesota so much, I’d bug the omni-present Akhil Saklani for a position in DFW. They’re doing some great things in search marketing, especially in video optimization.

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Attorney Video Optimization Can be Compelling!

December 27, 2007

Get Legal TV 

There are probably five readers out there who know why I’m excited about this. 🙂 

In early November 2007, I gave some thoughts on video optimization. It’s a great vehicle, but has been manipulated by overzealous webmasters looking for high search engine results.

The Attorney Store has recently integrated legal video marketing, and in a very cool way. It’s not an attorney staring in a camera speaking in monotone explaining why he can help my needs. It’s compelling online conversations that build trust with me even though I’m a thousand miles away (the company holiday celebration video is my favorite).

Here’s a link for different videos:

WBAP Radio Room

I think there is more to come, but these videos are very compelling even though I don’t live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Thoughts on Video Optimization

November 11, 2007

It kinda’ mirrors my thoughts on standard search engine optimization. It’s great to be seen, but does the traffic convert?

There’s a good ClickZ article labeled Taking the Video Wheels Off.

Talk is cheap. It’s easy to discuss video and how it works online, but what about producing it?

That’s the first sentence in the article and the rest of it explains that statement nicely. Digital point-n-shoots have provided some pretty cool viral videos, but would branded businesses benefit from something like this?

Just as important, are businesses doing this for the right reasons? Once Google’s Universal Search came out, Joolie from Between Stations gave a good prediction of video mania that in many cases came true (But we neeeeeed video! They’ll show up on “the Google!”).

I’ve seen quite a few videos within Google search results that are basically commercials of a guy or girl staring into a camera talking about how good their company is. This doesn’t provide me a bit of trust and I’d love to see more creative and viral ideas in these videos.

In many cases, it would be a good idea to outsource this type of service to professionals that have the creative know-how and resources to produce quality online videos. To businesses that don’t have the budget, Ed Kohler and Filo have some good and humorous beginning tips.

Ed Learns Video 101 – Episode 1
Ed Learns Video 101 – Episode 2

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Videocasting 101

June 9, 2007

Not the teacher here, I was the pupil.

At around Noon today, I met Bretton Jones from MinneaPolitics.com at his Minneapolis Grain Exchange office as he was finishing up a videocast. The equipment used for this is pretty amazing. High Definition camcorder, hard drive, Alesis mixer, teleprompter, external mic, professional lighting, and of course a pimped out Mac Pro complete with all the goodies like Final Cut Pro.

It’s nice to be a bit familiar with some of this, but I’m still new to the Mac and felt like the person opening up the hood of a car, pointing to the engine and saying “is that the thing that makes it go?”.

Nonetheless, check out this video regarding St. Paul’s Ford Plant Planning. It’s been an issue in the Twin Cities area for awhile now. He does a great job with his own commentary and backgrounds, along with different interviews on location. A lot of effort goes into just a five minute clip.

With Google’s Universal Search and the over-hyped up expectations of having an online video just for the sake of having one scares me a bit. I’m glad to see clips like this that bring substance, thought, and even humor! That is what I’d really like to see in search results.

Thanks and good stuff Bretton!

Bretton Jones

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